Lessmore Collection

Lessmore is a line of furnishing and accessories designed by Giorgio Caporaso able to join sustainability, design and flexibility.

Lessmore was born from the desire to offer furnishing and accessories on the market with an originai design, designed and made according to standards of sustainability, flexibility, durability and transformation.
Lessmore products have the incomparable advantage to be completely ltalian, born by the creative inspiration by Giorgio Caporaso that signed the completely "Ecodesign Collection". He follows a professional path that is always in search of "poor" materials such as corrugated cardboard a designed stimulus never ordinary, Giorgio Caporaso designed a collection suitable for the needs of interiors, hotels, stores, meeting and working places thanks to its versatility. His concept is the result of a research path marked on modularity, particular design, senses, transformation, customization, contamination among materials that highlight each other. Each objects, furnishing is able to meet and interpret the needs of the consumers, thanks to its functional and aesthetic performance, and it allows to experience a sustainable lifestyle but at the same time charming one.

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Tel. + 39 0332 241946

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Concept, style & design:
arch. Giorgio Caporaso
Studio Caporaso
corso Matteotti, 45
21100 Varese


Ufficio stampa:
Studio Caporaso
corso Matteotti, 45
21100 Varese
T +39. 0332.241946
F +39. 0332.241946


Solo Exhibition
DREAMS ON THE MOVE - The one thousand souls of ecodesign

Villa Recalcati
5 – 27 April 2014
Villa Recalcati,
Piazza Libertà 1 Varese - Italy

Saturday 5 April 2014 – 5 pm -
A cocktail party will follow

Dreams on the Move